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Theodore Robinson, A Bird's-Eye View, 1889

Theodore Robinson’s A Bird’s-Eye View

By Dan Scott | May 15, 2024
Isaac Levitan, Trail in Deciduous Forest, Ferns, 1895 1200w

Isaac Levitan’s Trail in Deciduous Forest

By Dan Scott | April 15, 2024
Helen McNicoll,The Little Worker, c.1907

A Closer Look At The Little Worker by Helen McNicoll

By Dan Scott | April 10, 2024
Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Analogous Colors, 2024

Painting With Analogous Colors

By Dan Scott | March 25, 2024
Daniel Garber, September Morning, c.1938

Daniel Garber’s September Morning

By Dan Scott | March 1, 2024
Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Palette Knife, 2023

How I Painted This Striking Sunset

By Dan Scott | February 5, 2024


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Dan Scott

Dan Scott

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Nicolai Fechin, Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya, 1914
Nicolai Fechin, Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya, 1914