Free Art Tools

Here’s a collection of free art tools and resources to help you on your art journey.

Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Morning Light, 2023
Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Morning Light, 2023

Beginner’s Guide to Painting

A basic introduction to the wonderful world of painting. Get the latest free PDF guide below.

Grab the Beginner’s Guide to Painting.

Color Theory Cheat Sheet

Want to learn more about color? Receive a free copy of my Color Theory Cheat Sheet below.

Grab the color cheat sheet.

Composition Breakdown Checklist

One of the best ways to improve your painting compositions is to analyze master paintings. This will help you learn the language of composition.

Click here to receive a copy of a simple composition breakdown checklist I put together.

7 Days to Better Paintings

My 7-day free email course will give you a 10,000-foot overview of what it takes to create beautiful art and, more importantly, how to enjoy doing it.

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Exploring The Masters

We all know about Monet, van Gogh, even Sargent. But what about the other masters who didn’t reach such levels of mainstream fame? This free email series is for those other artists. In each email, I’ll share a new artist, links to their work, and some brief commentary.

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Painting the Landscape Workshop

Join my 4-day online workshop on Painting the Landscape. I’ll walk you through the entire process using one of my recent paintings. You’ll see how I go from idea all the way through to reflecting on the finished painting. This is a free workshop via email lessons.

Join my free Painting the Landscape workshop here.

Landscape Painting Starter Kit

This starter kit will give you the resources to help you get started with landscape painting.

Click here to receive my free landscape starter kit.

Art Promotion Cheat Sheet

Need help promoting yourself as an artist? To help you out, I put together a really simple cheat sheet of strategies you can use to promote yourself as an artist.

Grab my free art promotion cheat sheet here.

Grid and Grayscale Image Tool

I have designed a simple image tool that applies a grid and grayscale to your reference photo in just one click (no complex software needed).

Click here to go straight to the image tool.

Art Pricing Calculator

A guide for calculating the price of your artwork.

Click here to use the calculator.