30-Day Creativity Kickstart

"Become a more inspired, motivated, and productive artist."

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There is no shortage of information for becoming a more technical painter. But what about times when motivation is lacking? When it has been weeks or even months since you created anything new? When your easel spends most of the time empty and gathering dust?

This is important stuff! Technique does not matter if you cannot muster the energy, motivation, and inspiration to tackle the next painting.

Yet, it is rarely talked about. People assume you should just “get” it; or that you need to sit and wait for an elusive spark of inspiration to strike. But that is far from the truth.

It should feel like there is not enough time in the day for all your ideas. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, then it is time to rethink the way you do things.

Other warning signs that you need a creativity kickstart:

  • You feel like you are churning out painting after painting without actually improving.
  • You are not sure what areas of painting you should be focusing on.
  • You feel like you never have enough “art time”.
  • You cannot separate yourself from the day-to-day motions of life.
  • You look at other artists with jealousy and envy.
  • You are afraid of judgment or failure.
  • You spend more time on social media than creating art.
  • You care too much about what other people think.
  • Sparks of inspiration are rare and fleeting.
  • Your easel spends most of the time empty.
  • You constantly battle with procrastination.
  • The white canvas intimidates you.

Tick any of these boxes? Then you are in the right place.

Introducing the 30-Day Creativity Kickstart

I created the 30-Day Creativity Kickstart to completely revamp the way you work as an artist. I want to help you find inspiration and motivation; get more out of your time and energy; and most importantly, live a more fulfilling life as an artist.

This is NOT a “how to paint” course. If that’s what you need, then check out my Painting Academy.

Dan Scott, Maleny, Late Afternoon, 2020
Dan Scott, Maleny, Late Afternoon, 2020

What You Will Receive

You will receive an email lesson every day for 30 days. Each lesson will take you one step closer to being a more effective artist. This is the foundation of the course. Nice and simple.

You will also receive:

  • Practical exercises to put what you learn into action.
  • Accountability worksheets.
  • Additional PDFs and other resources to supplement your learning.

Keep in mind this course is text-based. It is not a video course. The written word is more respectful of your time, especially for information like this. And, the whole point of this course is to give you MORE time, not less.

All I need from you is a small commitment to read and implement each lesson.

Also, there is no timeframe for completing the course. I suggest 30 days, but if you want to take longer, that is fine! Just save the emails in a separate folder for when you are ready to dive in.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

What You Will Learn

The course broadly covers four main quadrants:


It is difficult to be creative when you are being bombarded with information. The first step of this course is aimed at clearing your mind. I want you to be like a blank canvas, ready for the masterpiece to come.

Productivity and Efficiency

We will look at ways you can get the most out of your time and energy. A few small changes to the way you do things could have BIG results.

Motivation and Inspiration

We will completely reframe the way you think and see the world. It will be like drinking from a firehose of ideas, inspiration, and motivation. You will start to see things that were “invisible” to you before. You will understand what it means to see like an artist.

Fulfillment and Enjoyment

Above all else, painting should be fulfilling and enjoyable. The final part of the course will help you appreciate the simple joys of painting and the art you create.

Dan Scott, Elora and White Roses, 2023
Dan Scott, Elora and White Roses, 2023

What Others Have Said

"Thank you very much. I really enjoyed this. Tremendously helpful. A+!" T.M.
"I recently enrolled in one of your courses and also signed up for other materials. The content is excellent! I am extremely happy! Money well invested! I already see improvement in my painting. Thank you!" Paulina Michaud

"Hi Dan, I wanted to thank you for the kickstart program of great inspiration and experience you shared so lovingly (it’s the only way I can describe your writing style and great nuggets of wisdom!)." Alyssa Lloyd

“Dan, I found the course very rewarding. Just what I needed to get me going again. Thank you so much for the lessons.” Patricia Behrens

“This course was the most helpful course I ever took in terms of inspiration and motivation. It got me out of the rut I was in. So much good, practical, and sage advice. So thank you, thank you. You’re a wonderful teacher and a beautiful human being.” Françoise Stauber

“Dan, thanks so much for sharing such a treasure chest of information and ideas. Creativity Kickstart has been an excellent learning experience for me.

I especially liked the format with its daily ‘bite size’ lessons. Each day presented just the right amount of information to allow for processing without a feeling overwhelmed. I’ve already started incorporating lessons learned and ideas that apply to me and my art journey, and they were many.

I believe this course would provide some valuable take-aways for anyone interested in painting, no matter their proficiency level. The words you have shared in Lesson 30 ‘Why Do We do This’ are so inspirational, and I have printed them out in an easy-to-see font and hung them on the wall directly in front of my workspace. Happy painting indeed!!! Kind Regards” Allan Snay 

Dan Scott, Montville, Red, Yellow, and Green, 2023
Dan Scott, Montville, Red, Yellow, and Green, 2023

“What can I say: a pivotal moment on my painting journey. I am 64, and I learn drawing and painting for I had no time before and I love new challenges.

I abandoned my local painting classes early this year after 2 years, for we were churning picture after picture and no theory or any wider explanation on the matter.

30 Days course brought me a great insight into the depth of dealing with art. I’m mesmerised with many interlocking activities (thinking, planning, reading, reflecting, watching and listening to other painters etc) on daily bases and at the same time I feel a great relief for everything is so natural, simple, logic and consistent. Nobody ever told me so. Now I have tools to meaningfully organize myself, my time and not to expect final result impatiently but to enjoy every step of the very procedure.

Thank you very much for everything. Please, do continue doing this fantastic job. Best regards” Mira Pešut 

“Thank you Dan. The Creativity Kickstart was amazingly well-timed. We were given the time to self isolate and get stuck into your, kick in the but (for me). There was something very satisfying about clearing the decks on my phone and tablet. Even more satisfying was clearing out my folly (studio).

I am a visual learner, so reading your daily activities for the month set me on the path to deleting all the free lessons I have saved from YouTube. Although I did keep the videos by Dianne Mize, she reminds me of a dear old teacher I once had many years ago.

I am now going back to restart the tutorial I purchased from you last year, knowing I will do so with much more confidence.

Thanks again Dan, and stay well through this terrible period. Kind regards” Judy Green

“Hi Dan, Your course has been life changing. I’m taking my time through it (small kids etc) but it has made me focus and hone in on my weaknesses and actually work on them. Ultimately I want to be a good abstract painter but your landscapes really help me get my eye in and see good compositions. Thanks a mil!” Carolina G Salinas

“Hi Dan, I’m a senior enjoying 88 years and have just been learning painting with acrylics for at least a year. I benefited so much from your Fundamental course and also took your Creativity Kick Start course. I’ve learned so much thanks to you! Keep up your great teaching. You are so helpful.” Dennis Smith

“Hi Dan! Thanks so much for the creativity kickstart – I found it most helpful. I was already doing many of the things you recommended but was fearful of taking the next step. I wanted you to know I submitted one of my paintings to a local gallery’s call for entries and I got accepted. The show is in October. This, of course, has helped my confidence tremendously. I’m not sure I would have had the courage without your daily words of encouragement. I had a long career as an interior designer but now I am retired and my new goal is to get really good at painting. I look forward to continuing to get your emails.” Linda Lewis

“Thank you for all the thoughts, encouragement and instruction. Your attention to having a well rounded art has encouraged me and helped me to focus my efforts on things other than just pumping out paintings doing the same thing over and over. I’m getting better because I’m back to doing life long learning – in my painting life – not just in my academic realm. I see being an artist as part of my whole person now – instead of a section of me. Thank you!” Terri Thompson

“Thank you Dan. I will definitely be re-reading your lessons and implementing them. I have looked forward, each day, to receiving your emails.” Tia Hunt

“Hi Dan, I wanted to thank you for the “Creativity Kickstart” I enrolled in about a month ago. Some family events prevented me from writing right away but did not want time to pass without letting you know of how much appreciation I had for the daily “intervention”. I looked forward to getting the info from you every day, and apply it when I could. It was uncanny how timely some of the issues you raised were.

Thanks again for brightening our lives at these very trying time.” Ruth Joseph-Pike

Dan Scott, Perth, Cape Peron, 2023
Dan Scott, Perth, Cape Peron, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Guarantee - Painting Academy

My 100% Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. If for any reason you do not enjoy the course, just send me an email within 60 days of purchase and I will refund you in full.

NOTE: Enrollment is currently closed! Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment is open.

Hope to see you in the first lesson! If you have any questions, you can email me at admin@drawpaintacademy.com.