Lessons from a Self-Taught Artist

A newsletter compilation containing forty-five simple yet highly effective lessons to inspire other self-taught artists.

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Lessons From a Self-Taught Artist

Get immediate access to forty-five of my best newsletters in a convenient ebook


When I started Draw Paint Academy several years ago, the idea was to document my own journey and progression as a self-taught artist. As part of this, I have sent out hundreds of newsletters to my subscribers providing exclusive, bite-sized tips to inspire, motivate, and educate other artists.

Unfortunately, new subscribers have no way of getting any of my earlier newsletters. They are a one-and-done kind of thing.

So I decided to put together a compilation of forty-five of my best newsletters which I have sent out over the past several years. This way, new subscribers have a chance to get immediate access to some of my best newsletters, all in a convenient ebook. For subscribers who have been with me for longer, this can serve as a great refresher for you.

Sunset Study, Kingfisher Bay, Oil, 10x12 Inches, 2017
Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Kingfisher Bay, 2017

What You Will Learn


This ebook will provide you with bite-sized bits of wisdom relating to broad and fundamental concepts. Below are some of the areas covered:

  • Mindset and motivation. How to think, see, and act like a great artist (even if you are just starting).
  • How to apply the art fundamentals, including color, composition, brushwork, and value.
  • Big-picture theory discussion.
  • Practical tips relating to techniques, processes, and materials.
  • Habits you should develop to perform efficiently and effectively as an artist.
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls (plus how to avoid them).
  • Myths and misconceptions about art.
  • General discussion about art and the artist life.



Below are the forty-five newsletters you will receive in this ebook:

1. Five Golden Principles for Painting (My Mini Manifesto)
2. Harmony through Nature
3. Composition Is What Matters
4. Tips to Inspire, Motivate, or Get You to Take Action
5. Start Fast, Finish Slow
6 . Brighter, Not Lighter . . .
7. The Best Materials Won’t Make You a Better Painter
8. How to Mix Green (or Any Other Color)
9. Using Photography to Improve Your Painting
10. The Problem with Color Recipes
11. The Three Myths of Color
12. Theory vs. Result
13. Should You Be Charting Your Colors?
14. The “Rules” of Composition
15. Stop Using So Much Detail
16. What You Can Learn from This Painting Critique
17. Why You Shouldn’t Always Try to Be Perfect
18. Tips for Learning about Composition
19. The Power of a Single Stroke
20. Don’t Fall in Love with Your Painting Too Early
21. What Kind of Master Painter Will You Be?
22. Small vs. Large Paintings
23. Guidelines for Watching Other Artists
24. Why the Obvious Solution Is Not Always the Right Solution
25. Short-Term vs. Long-Term Painting Wins
26. Simple Techniques for Better Landscape Paintings
27. Checklist for Deciding What to Paint
28. Unlocking Your “Flow State”
29. Common Things Shared by Master Landscape Painters
30. Don’t Forget Why You Started Painting
31. Good Habits and Bad Habits in Art
32. What Kind of Artist Do You Want to Be?
33. The Only Two Questions You Need to Know for Great Compositions
34. Sometimes It Gets Worse before It Gets Better
35. Creating Interest without Color
36. Make Mistakes Work for You (Rather than against You)
37. The Hardest Thing about Painting
38. Ten Landscape-Painting Quick Tips
39. Three Most Common Landscape-Painting Mistakes
40. Art “Rules” You Need to Be Careful With
41. Perspective Tips for Landscape Painting
42. The Number-One Thing Holding Artists Back
43. Play to Your Strengths
44. Questions about Art
45. Trust Yourself

Dan Scott, Queenstown, High Contrast, 16x12 Inches, Oil, 2019 700W Medium
Dan Scott, Queenstown, 2019

Who Is This For


This ebook is ideal for other self-taught artists and creatives looking to grow and expand their knowledge.

This is not a step-by-step instruction book. It is quite the opposite. It covers broad, high-level topics and concepts designed to make you a better artist. If you are looking for more hands-on information, then you might want to check out my Painting Academy.

Hi, I'm Dan Scott


Like many of you, I have had a passion for art for as long as I remember. There is nothing quite like the feel of paint hitting a new canvas.

I am completely self-taught, but it has not been an easy journey. Along the way, I have been frustrated by the lack of guidance and clear information. My goal is to make the learning process a bit smoother for you.

Back in my early days, I learned mainly by trial and error. But I don't recommend you do the same. Take advantage of the information and people available to you.

My goal with this ebook is to share some of my passion and knowledge with you. I hope it will urge you to start a new painting, try a new technique, or to think about a problem in a different way.

What Will You Receive?


Once you complete your purchase, you will receive immediate access to the ebook in PDF format. You will also receive lifetime access to any ebook updates. Please note this is not a physical book. 

Lessons From a Self-Taught Artist

What Others Have Been Saying About My Training

"Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. Btw I recently responded on Facebook to a question..

"If you could have any artist come to your home for a day and teach you who would it be?"

I posted

"Dan Scott, the best teacher I've sat under in decades." True words." Annette Emens

"I will enjoy taking in the tips and practicing all that you teach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and at such a reasonable cost. That is really appreciated." Francetta Bridle

"I learned something new to me in every course you sent out. Very clear instructions." Donna Hardstaff

Dan Scott, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2019
Dan Scott, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a physical book?

No, this is a digital ebook which can be read on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. However, you could print it out if you prefer to have something in your hands.

What format does the ebook come in?

You will receive the ebook in PDF.

What can I read the ebook on? 

You can read the ebook on your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer.

Does this ebook target any specific skill level, medium, or subject?

No, this ebook covers mostly broad, high-level topics and concepts designed to make you a better artist.

Lessons from a Self-Taught Artist

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**Bonus: You will also receive a copy of Volume 2 with your order. This contains 41 musings on creating art and navigating the art life.**

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