Draw Paint Academy Video Library

Welcome to the video library. Here you’ll find painting footage, time-lapses, and tutorials. Most of the videos feature oil paints, but you may be able to adopt techniques and ideas that you can use with your preferred medium.

How I Painted Elora and White Roses (Oil Painting Tutorial)
How I Painted Magenta Flowers (Oil Painting Tutorial)
Dan Scott, Maryvale, Sunny Landscape, 2021

Maryvale, Sunny Landscape

Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Sand Dune, 2021

Gold Coast, Sand Dune

Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Path to the Sea, 2021

Gold Coast, Path to the Sea

Dan Scott, Minnippi, 2021


Dan Scott, Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, 2021

Minnippi Parklands, Sunny

Dan Scott, Manly Rock Wall, Moody, 2021

Manly Rock Wall, Moody

Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021

Sunset, Fraser Island

Dan Scott, Sierra Nevada, 2020

Sierra Nevada

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