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21 Easy Ways To Improve Your Paintings

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Dear fellow painter,

Are you seeing actual improvements in each painting you create? Or do you seem to be stagnating and making the same mistakes over and over again.

I know the feeling.

When I started painting many, many years ago, I made fast improvements in painting but that quickly stagnated due to a lack of decent art education.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of information out there. But finding high quality and concise information is more difficult than it should be.

At some point in time, it seems art lost its way.

All meaningful forms of criterion were replaced with confusion and gimmickry. Art education has taken a similar route.

Many art teachers do not actually teach you anything about art. Instead they will put you in search of some mysterious creative spirit which you must unlock. Then, once you have unlocked this creative spirit, you will supposedly be able to sling paint onto the canvas and it will just work.

But this creative spirit does not exist. Some people may be more creatively inclined, but make no mistake anyone is capable of learning how to paint.

The three keys to success in painting (and pretty much anything else) are knowledge, practice and analysis. Now I can’t help you with practice - that is up to you. But I can help you with the other two.

This ebook is not another 50,000 word bible on painting. The world does not need any more of those.

In fact, many of the art books are nothing more than promotion of the writer’s art. They have no intention of actually teaching you how to paint.

This ebook will teach you 21 ways to improve your very next painting. These are highly effective tips which I have learned over my 10 plus years of painting.

These are not your usual fluffy painting tips. These are tips which have meaning and can actually be used in your paintings.

I guarantee you will learn something from this ebook. If not, just email me and I will refund your money no questions asked. But I am positive it will not come to that.

This ebook is for absolute beginners to intermediates, however even advanced artists would find these tips useful.

You will not learn to paint like Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh straight away from these tips. But you will actually improve.

That is what is important after all. Even the greatest masters in history were amateurs at some stage. But they all improved.

Dan Scott, Perth Gardens, 2023
Dan Scott, Perth Gardens, 2023

What You Will Learn

Here is just a sneak peek at some of the things you will learn:

> How to improve your compositions
> How to draw attention to your points of interest
> How to cut through the ‘noise’ in your paintings and communicate what is actually important
> How to ‘see as an artist’
> How to effectively use your paintbrush
> Why you are probably holding your paintbrush wrong
> The number one thing other art teachers are telling you which is wrong
> How to create depth in your paintings
> Tips for mixing your colors
> How to critically analyze your own paintings and why that is so important
> How to cut out unnecessary details in your paintings
> How to find inspiration for your next painting in your photo reel
> The perfect combination to make your colors ‘pop’
> How to create harmony in your paintings
> How to direct your viewers through your paintings, not out of them
> How to position elements in your paintings to draw attention to your focal point
> A simple technique to see the underlying structure of your paintings
> How to see and create rhythm in your paintings
> A simple technique to view your reference without all the ‘noise’

What You Will Receive

A no fluff ebook which includes 130+ pages dedicated to helping you improve your paintings which you will have access to immediately!

Learn From My Mistakes

This ebook is a result of 10 plus years of experience.

I have made many mistakes along the way. At one point I got so fed up I stopped painting for a few years. I certainly regret that now. Had I been given some decent support at the time, I would have not taken that break from painting.

I am giving you the opportunity to take a huge shortcut with your learning and make actual improvements in your paintings.

There is an old saying...

"Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of fools”.

That is not to say I am a fool, but why waste time making your own mistakes when you can simply learn these tips which have been used by hundreds of master painters before you.

Although I use some of my own paintings in this ebook, this is simply for demonstration purposes. This is not about my paintings, this is just a teaching aid for you.

You will be able to digest the content in this book easily so you can start to implement the tips straight away. Many of the best art books I have read have taken years to fully digest. You could read all those books for yourself, or you could invest in this ebook and save yourself much time.

Learn From The Masters

To demonstrate my 21 painting tips, I analyze some of the beautiful paintings by our masters such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Joaquín Sorolla, Ilya Repin, John Singer Sargent and many more. This analysis alone is worth the price of the ebook.

You will not only learn tips to improve your paintings, but you will also be inspired by these master artists. Hopefully you will discover masters which you were not even aware of.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889
Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889
Claude Monet, Meadow With Poplars, 1875
Claude Monet, Meadow With Poplars, 1875
Joaquín Sorolla, Three Sisters at the Beach, 1908
Joaquín Sorolla, Three Sisters at the Beach, 1908

What Others Have Been Saying About My Training

"I loved the ebook so much! As an amateur self-taught artist it's been hard to find information that is in a simple easy to understand format. You have given me what I've been seeking. It was interactive in that you took me on a journey and got me to think about styles and composition. It was visually appealing and I now have a greater understanding of where I've been going wrong and how to fix it. Thanks Dan!" Tanya Elbourn

"Dear Dan, your 21 Easy Ways ebook is a fine, intelligent and precise way to improve the painting skills of anyone with strong desire to improve its paintings, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge." Alejandro González de Cossio 

"I just read your book! I am a new painter and I devoured your book in one sitting, I have also thoroughly appreciated your email newsletter.

Although I do not intend to be a landscape artist, you convinced me that I have much to learn and I think you are a very thoughtful and helpful teacher, and so far you have taught me a lot and confirmed some of my own thoughts. Particularly the lesson on using a loaded brush.

The technical lessons about colour and value and composition and lines are what you don't get from just painting and I understand how learning these things early on will be so beneficial, I can practise right.

Thanks so much for your generosity! You are a very generous teacher, you pack a ton of valuable information in for a very small price." Lesli Rose

"I purchased the ebook today and have just finished reading it. Such good information! I know I will be referring to it many times.

I have always drawn but over the last year I’ve been trying to learn acrylic painting and have been often frustrated. Your ebook will give me much better guidance as to planning and all other aspects of creating my own paintings. I’m looking forward to applying these guidelines to my next attempt!

Thanks for sharing your expertise! I got more out of your ebook in one reading than I have in painting classes – which were basically “paint whatever you want and let me know if you need help.” Mary Adams

"I started painting in oils as a hobby after I left high school and sailed deep sea aboard cargo ships. That was 50 years ago, before the invention of satellites and computers. I had a real need to entertain myself!

The old saying is that knowledge is power, and I certainly did not have much knowledge about painting in those early days. I bought book after book about art instruction and still I had a thirst for more knowledge. No one book had what I needed to know about painting successfully.

Thankfully that has all changed with Dan Scott's new Ebook, every novice can 'cut to the chase'. This book is a shortcut to successful painting with its concise text and relevant and instructional illustrations.

My paintings are improving steadily with the help of this new book which I can recommend to novices and experienced artists alike!" Norm Fraser

"I will enjoy taking in the tips and practicing all that you teach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and at such a reasonable cost. That is really appreciated." Francetta Bridle

Dan Scott, Elora and White Roses, 2023
Dan Scott, Elora and White Roses, 2023

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