Products to Take Your Art to the Next Level


DPA Inner Circle

DPA Inner Circle - Membership
You're invited to join a merry group of artists who learn, improve, and enjoy the art life together. This group has closer access to me and a wealth of membership perks. 

Premium Courses

Painting Academy Mockup

Painting Academy: The Fundamentals
Want to learn how to paint but you have no idea where to start? This course will teach you all the fundamentals of painting. It covers color, composition, how to start a painting, how to use your supplies and much more!

Landscape Painting Masterclass - Mockup

Landscape Painting Masterclass
For those of you who want to capture the elusive beauty of nature on your canvas. Learn how to paint stunning landscapes using proven and highly effective techniques.

Dan Scott, New Zealand, Amber Tree, 2019

30-Day Creativity Kickstart Email Course
Become a more inspired, motivated, and effective artist. Technique does not matter if you cannot muster the energy, motivation, and inspiration to tackle the next painting!

Composition Breakdown 2

Composition Breakdown
An 8-week online course to better understand, appreciate, and design painting compositions.

Marketing For Artists

Marketing for Artists Email Course
A remarkably affordable, relevant, and practical crash-course on marketing designed specifically for artists. The concept is simple - 30 lessons over 30 days!


21 Easy Ways

21 Easy Ways to Improve Your Paintings Ebook
This is a great place to start for beginners. In this ebook, you will find highly effective and actionable tips to improve your paintings.

Lessons From a Self-Taught Artist

Lessons From a Self-Taught Artist Ebook
A compilation of forty-five of my best newsletters sent out over the past several years to inspire other self-taught artists. 

Artist Spotlight & Closer Look

A Closer Look and Artist Spotlight Ebooks
Polished and printable ebooks based on all my posts into the history and art of our master artists including breaking down master artworks of those who came before us!


Reference Photo Library

Reference Photo Library
Not sure what to paint? Get copyright-free use of my best landscape/seascape reference photos in this library of inspiration!