Fresh Off The Easel – Overcast Day In Queenstown

Here is a quick study I just pulled from the easel – Overcast Day In Queenstown. Even on an overcast day, New Zealand provides beautiful painting inspiration.

In this painting, I wanted to capture the general dreariness of the scene. I also wanted to portray the town in the distance with as little detail as possible, without it losing meaning (something the Russian impressionists are masters of).

Reference Photo - Overcast Painting Tutorial
Dan Scott, Reference Photo

I started by staining the canvas with a wash of solvent and paint. This kills any white on the canvas (which can be difficult to paint on top of).

I used the stain as an opportunity to map out some of the general structure and color harmonies of the painting.

Fresh off the easel - overcast day in Queenstown.

After letting the stain sit for about 15 minutes (so that it was not too wet to paint on), I started building up more detail. I started with the darks to make sure there was a strong foundation in place. Then, only once the darks were in place could I place down the highlights. I had to earn the highlights.

Fresh off the easel - overcast day in Queenstown.
Fresh off the easel - overcast day in Queenstown.

To finish the painting I actually pulled out my largest brush to try and create more harmony throughout the painting. I also added some stronger yellows and reds to the trees. I wanted the downward brushwork of the trees to contrast against the very horizontal brushwork in the rest of the painting.

In the distance, I wanted the town (being Queenstown) to just peak through the foreground. There is a hint of red, white and blue to indicate the buildings, boats and other structures. I did not want to use much detail for this area in order for it to fit in with the rest of the painting.

TIP: A simple way of creating the illusion of activity is to paint with a number of different colors on your brush (which will naturally occur if you don’t completely mix the colors on your palette). Then, with a single bold stroke, you can create these brilliant effects which mimic areas of heightened activity.

Dan Scott, Queenstown, Overcast Day, 2017
Dan Scott, Queenstown, Overcast Day, 2017

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