Color: Learn What It Means and How to Use It Effectively as an Artist

Color is a fascinating but remarkably complex area. You could dedicate your life to studying color and still only stretch the surface of it. Many artists have.

Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Sunset, 2023
Dan Scott, Fraser Island, Sunset, 2023

Color Theory

A Comprehensive Guide on the Color Wheel for Artists (Plus How to Make Your Own)

A Comprehensive Guide to Color Theory for Artists

A Guide to Color Schemes in Art and How to Use Them Effectively

Color Saturation – The Ultimate Guide for Artists

Color Mixing

Color Mixing and Application – The Ultimate Guide for Artists

Creating the Richard Schmid Color Charts

Split Primary Color Palette – Using It to Mix Vivid Secondary Colors

How to Mix Earth Tones

How to Mix Vivid Greens and Why You Must Understand Color Bias

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Mixing Colors

The Zorn Palette – What It Is and How You Can Use It

How We See Color

Subtractive and Additive Color – Different Systems for How We See Color

Color and Light – How to Paint Under Different Light Sources

Color and Light – What Is Color Temperature

Are Black and White Actually Colors?

Broken Color and Optical Color Mixing

Color Techniques

How to Paint Color Gradations

How to Paint Highlights

Using Color Studies to Explore and Test Different Color Arrangements

How to Create Dramatic Paintings in a Low Key

How to Paint in a High Key (Plus Master Painting Examples)

How To Use Increased Color Saturation To Draw Attention To Your Focal Point

Why Broken Color Is So Effective for Painting the Landscape

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