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Painting Minnippi Parklands on an Overcast Day (Long)

Key Takeaways: 

  • The key feature of this painting is the black trees against the muted surroundings. This was the first time using black in a while. Usually, I prefer to use blues, purples, and greens instead of black, as is the Impressionist way. But there was no substitute for black in this case. It provides for that sharp value contrast and plays well into the painting’s restrained color theme.
  • The other key feature is the line of light hitting the grass. It creates some interesting plays between light, shadow, and color. The bottom of the painting is full of rich greens. The top of the painting is light and muted. Dark trees join all the areas.
  • I was careful when painting the trees. Black is a powerful color that can quickly make or break a painting.
  • It’s easier to paint light on an overcast day like this. The cool lights play well with the way our colors mix. When we add white to a color, it makes it both lighter in value and cooler in temperature.
  • The dull, simple background creates a sense of atmospheric perspective.
  • Notice the subtle color variance in the foreground. This helps convey a sense of detail and activity.


Painting Minnippi Parklands on an Overcast Day (Time-Lapse)

Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Minnippi, 2021
Dan Scott, Minnippi, 2021

Reference Photo

Reference Photo

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