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Sunset, Fraser Island


Full Video

Key Takeaways: 

  • This was a speed painting challenge. It took around 35 minutes all up. This is a great test of your instinctive painting abilities.
  • Mood and ambience are the key features. I wasn’t too worried about the drawing.
  • There’s a powerful contrast between the shadows and the warm lights.
  • Notice the thick paint and multicolored strokes.
  • The boats are vague. This plays into the impressionist style and the overall lack of clarity in this low-light scene.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021
Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021

Reference Photo

Dan Scott, Reference Photo, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021 1200

(Note: I cropped the reference photo to make it a more intimate composition.) 

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