Sunset, Fraser Island


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Painting a Moody Sunset (Long)

Key Takeaways: 

  • This was a speed painting challenge. It took around 35 minutes all up. This is a great test of your instinctive painting abilities.
  • Mood and ambience are the key features. I wasn’t too worried about the drawing.
  • There’s a powerful contrast between the shadows and the warm lights.
  • Notice the thick paint and multicolored strokes.
  • The boats are vague. This plays into the impressionist style and the overall lack of clarity in this low-light scene.


Painting a Moody Sunset (Time-Lapse)

Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021
Dan Scott, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021

Reference Photo

Dan Scott, Reference Photo, Sunset Study, Fraser Island, 2021 1200

(Note: I cropped the reference photo to make it a more intimate composition.) 

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