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Minnippi Parklands, Sunny

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Painting a Lake on a Sunny Day (Long)

Key Takeaways: 

  • When landscape painting, you need to tailor your style, technique, and tools for the environment and conditions. In this case, a clear day means crisp colors and clear reflections in the water. I painted with direct brushwork and distinct colors.
  • I used rich blues for the water at the bottom of the painting. Almost pure ultramarine blue and cobalt blue. I rarely use such strong colors but it was how it looked in life.
  • Texture in the foreground suggests detail and activity, particularly on the left which is catching more light. More light=more clarity=more texture.
  • The plants on the left side are similar in value to the light water. This is an example of value simplification.
  • I used simplified brushwork for the trees in the back, drawing inspiration from Edgar Payne.


Painting a Lake on a Sunny Day (Time-Lapse)

Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, 2021
Dan Scott, Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, 2021

Reference Photo

Minnippi Parklands, Sunny, Reference Photo, 700W

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