Tree Series, Overcast


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Painting a Tree Series, Overcast (Long)

Key Takeaways: 

  • The painting depicts a wet, overcast day. Pale greens dominate the painting. The scene is basked in a soft, cool light.
  • This is one in a series of tree paintings.
  • Multicolored strokes allowed me to convey the illusion of nature’s detail without needing to render every rock, leaf or strand of grass.
  • For the tree, I focused on the dominant branches. I simplified the rest.
  • A key feature is the line of pale green behind the tree. I was careful to get this color right.


Painting a Tree Series, Overcast (Time-Lapse)

Finished Painting

Dan Scott, Tree Series, Overcast, 2021
Dan Scott, Tree Series, Overcast, 2021

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