25 Inspirational Sketches By Vincent van Gogh

I find it fascinating going back through the sketches of historical masters of art. It tells you so much about their craft, passion, mindset and how they learned.

It also humanizes them, as you get to see that they experimented, learned and made mistakes just like every other artist.

The useful thing about sketching is you do not need to worry so much about your overall composition and how well all the elements work in harmony. You can sketch anything and learn from that.

As you will see below, Vincent van Gogh was not picky about what he sketched. There are sketches of flowers, chairs, a bird’s nest, seascapes, sculptures, people, hands and so on. You should never struggle to find something to sketch, as there is literally inspiration all around you. You do not need to create a masterpiece.

Vincent van Gogh has a brilliant portfolio of sketches. He was certainly one of the more busy artists of his time, producing a huge body of work. His sketches seem to chronicle his day-to-day life.

Below are 25 of those inspirational sketches by Vincent van Gogh.

These sketches tell you much about how Vincent van Gogh worked and lived. Many of his sketches tell a story about the harshness of life for many people. These sketches, particularly the portraits, are in stark contrast to his later paintings which are full of color and vibrancy.

I particularly enjoy his landscape and seascape sketches, as you can see him creating that beautiful movement using suggestive strokes – a technique which he is so famous for in his paintings.

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  1. Just visited “Through Vincent’s Eyes” at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Insightful and inspirational, comporting your presentation here.

    • Thanks Joyce! Somehow the rest dissappeared from our site and post. But I have just added a few more. Thanks again for letting us know.


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