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Henry Hensche – Master Colorist


I’m writing to share with you an artist by the name of Henry Hensche. A reader let me know about his work earlier this week.

I spent the last hour exploring his website. His work is stunning and unique. His website is also quite informative, if you can look past the dated design.

You can see photos from Hensche’s life here. It’s always nice to put a face to the artist. It humanizes them. We get to see that they too were artists trying to navigate their way through the art life and life in general.

You can see his early work here. These paintings show his academic training. They are darker and more controlled and formed the foundation for the rest of his career. I love seeing an artist’s early work. It shows where they came from and allows us to see how they progressed.

His landscapes are my favorites. Particularly Hensche’s House and Ada in the Garden. Look at that color!

I’ll leave you with this quote from his website:

“Paintings are the visual music of the world…”

Happy painting!

Kind regards

Dan Scott

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