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Dad’s Old Drawing

I was going through some of my childhood photos at my parents’ place and came across an old drawing in a wooden frame and a worn black-and-white photo in the top-left corner. Turns out it was done by my dad over 50 years ago. He was living with an artist friend who encouraged him to draw. 

Dad's Drawing, 700W
Dad’s Drawing

Dad talks it down, but for someone who never paid much attention to art and is always quick to describe himself as “not the artistic or creative type,” it’s pretty good!

Unfortunately, he never went on to do many other drawings. Which is a shame as I’m sure he would have enjoyed it, just like I do. I think he was resigned to the idea that he didn’t have the creativity or talent for it. But if his drawing is anything to go by, he’s much more artistic and creative than he thinks!

Happy painting! 

Dan Scott

Draw Paint Academy 

PS. I’m almost finished with a detailed post exploring Vincent van Gogh’s techniques and processes. That will hopefully be published later this week.


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