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10 Useful Painting Accessories

It is no secret that painting is hard! So here are some painting accessories to make your painting journey just a bit easier. These accessories are not essential by any means, but you may find them useful depending on how you like to paint.

If you use any other painting accessories which are not included in this list, please share them in the comment section. These are not ranked in any particular order.

Painting the Landscape (Free Workshop)

I’ll walk you through the entire process using one of my recent paintings. You’ll see how I go from idea all the way through to reflecting on the finished painting.

Paint Brush Holder

After painting for a while, you will probably accumulate a large number of different paint brushes. Paint brushes are not cheap, so you want to make sure you do not damage the brushes by resting the bristles against anything. A paint brush holder will help you organize the brushes and keep them in a great condition. Paint Brush Storage Buy Now

Paint Wringer

You would be amazed at the amount of paint many people leave in the tube because they are not able to squeeze it out. A paint wringer will help get most of the paint out of the tube to limit wastage. Paint is not cheap so you want to make sure you use what you buy. Paint Wringer Buy Now

Paint Brush Cleaner

I have lost countless paint brushes due to poor cleaning. As soon as paint dries between the bristles of your brush, it is an uphill battle to restore them. So it is important that you take care of your brushes and clean them after a painting session if you do not intend on using them again in the near future. The Masters Brush Cleaner is great for cleaning and preserving the condition of your brushes. You can learn more about how to clean your oil paint brushes here. Oil Paint Brush Cleaner Buy Now

Color Wheel

A color wheel is pretty much essential for any beginner artist. It will help you understand the way color works and the basics of color mixing. Even though I have been painting for many years, I still find myself referring to the color wheel from time to time when I need to consider the color harmony of my painting or to reference the complement of a color.

If you are learning how to paint, you should also consider creating your own color wheel. This is a great way to get a feel for your palette of colors and the range of colors you are able to mix. Color Wheel

Painting Accessories - Color Wheel

Buy Now

Value Finder

Value is widely considered to be the most important element of a color. A value finder will help you identify the correct value of a color. You can hold it up to your subject and match the color to the closest value.

However, this kind of value finder has limitations because the light on your subject is rarely the same as the light which is on your value finder. It is difficult to compare two values which are subject to different light sources. Value Checker Buy Now

Proportional Divider

If you are learning how to paint, please do not start your painting by tracing the outline of the subject. Instead, learn how to use a proportional divider to identify any critical reference points in your painting. This will help you create an accurate drawing to paint on top of. Proportional Divider Buy Now

Palette Knives

The palette knife is not just a tool for mixing paint on your palette. It is also an extremely useful painting tool which you can use to create bold and striking strokes of color. Palette Knife Buy Now


The palette is what you use to hold and mix your paints. There are many different types of palettes available, but my preference at the moment is any palette by the New Wave company. Painting Accessories - New Wave Palette Buy Now

Easel Light

Studio lighting is an extremely important yet commonly overlooked aspect of painting. If you have poor lighting, you will not be able to truly see your colors.

Not everyone has access to an art studio with large windows to allow natural light in and great internal lighting. One way you can ensure you have sufficient light in your studio is to invest in an easel light which you attach to the top of your easel. However, you will probably need to supplement the easel light with additional light sources. Easel Light Buy Now

View Catcher

This is a useful tool for composing your painting. If you are painting plein air, then you can use the view catcher to view your scene in different frames. View Catcher Buy Now

Want to Learn More?

You might be interested in my Painting Academy course. I’ll walk you through the time-tested fundamentals of painting. It’s perfect for absolute beginner to intermediate painters.

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Happy painting!

Dan Scott

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