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Fresh off the Easel: Perth Gardens


Here’s a painting fresh off the easel: Perth Gardens.

Dan Scott, Perth Gardens, 2023
Dan Scott, Perth Gardens, 2023

One of the key challenges of this painting was making the feature plant stand out as a soft focal point, yet also appear woven in with the surrounding landscape. Getting it right involved a lot of back and forth between blending the plant in with the surroundings and bringing it forward in attention with brighter colors and contrast.

Another challenge was capturing all the flickering highlights, the brilliant colors, and the vast amount of information without getting overwhelmed. Broken color and multicolored strokes were particularly effective techniques for this. I also took full advantage of the physical texture of the paint (check out this closeup). 

Hope you’ve been well and have had a chance to do some painting yourself. Have a fantastic week! 


Dan Scott

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