A Gift From My Grandmother

I wanted to share a painting that my grandmother gifted me earlier in the year.

Great Grandmother Painting, 1200W
Landscape by my Great Grandmother

It was done by her mother (my great-grandmother). She was self-taught and only ever considered herself a hobbyist, but she was passionate about it. I’m told she would spend many weekends painting the landscape from her caravan.

Whilst she may not have been a renowned artist, her painting does hold enormous sentimental value to me. Much more so than I think my grandmother realizes. It now hangs in a prominent spot in our main hallway.

I never really got a chance to know her. But I do feel like I know part of her through her paintings. It has also prompted me to learn more about her life and character.

A painting can be powerful in this sense. It’s like stored energy and emotion that can last generations. And you never know who will get to experience it. Once you create a painting, it takes on a life of its own.

Happy painting!

Dan Scott

Draw Paint Academy

PS. Just photographed a new painting. I’ll share it with you soon, along with a new tutorial about it.


Dan Scott is the founder of Draw Paint Academy. He's a self-taught artist from Australia with a particular interest in landscape painting. Draw Paint Academy is run by Dan and his wife, Chontele, with the aim of helping you get the most out of the art life. You can read more on the About page.

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