Fechin on Technique


Many aspiring artists think about technique as if it’s a rigid toolbox. But it’s much more like a language, or music, or a dance. Fechin has some wise words on the matter:

“Technique should be considered only as a means to an end but never as the end itself. To me, technique should be unlimited, fed by a constant growth in ability and understanding. It must never be mere virtuosity but an endless accumulation of qualities and wisdom.”

​Fechin’s work is a wonderful demonstration of these words. Here’s a great example. Notice the thick, impasto strokes; the bursts of color; the texture; the delicate rendering of the subject’s eyes; the mix of broken and soft edges. All woven together with harmony.

Nicolai Fechin, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1910
Nicolai Fechin, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1910

Few artists have been able to use such a wide range of techniques with such mastery. A true artist’s artist.

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Happy painting!

Dan Scott


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