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Elena Salnikova’s Colorful Portraits

Today’s featured artist is Elena Salnikova.

She paints stunning portraits in oil, usually with the subject outdoors amongst nature. Her still lifes are also impressive. You can see a few of my favorites below. They are colorful and playful, but not so much that they appear cartoonish and overly stylized. Her style also seems particularly suited to painting a child’s innocent and playful nature and youth.

Notice how she often combines a realistic and carefully rendered focal point with a more abstract and painterly background. This mimics how we see the world—when we focus on an object, we see it with clarity and everything else blurs into abstract colors and shapes. Another artist who does this well is Vladimir Volegov, who I wrote about in my Exploring the Masters series

Salnikova Elena, Young Girl with Flowers
Elena Salnikova, Young Girl with Flowers
Salnikova Elena, My Favorite Guy
Elena Salnikova, My Favorite Guy
Salnikova Elena, Young Girl with Cat
Elena Salnikova, Young Girl with Cat
Salnikova Elena, Bouquet of Dandelions
Elena Salnikova, Bouquet of Dandelions
Salnikova Elena, Winter in the Countryside
Elena Salnikova, Winter in the Countryside
Salnikova Elena, Winter
Salnikova Elena, Winter
Salnikova Elena, Games in the Snow
Elena Salnikova, Games in the Snow
Salnikova Elena, The Bells
Elena Salnikova, The Bells
Salnikova Elena, Bouquet of Irises
Elena Salnikova, Bouquet of Irises

Happy painting!

Dan Scott

Draw Paint Academy

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