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The world is filled with so many remarkable artists. Unfortunately, many of them fly completely under the radar. Artists like Edward Compton for example (see one of his paintings below). He was a remarkable landscape painter that I recently stumbled across. If it were not for the endless rabbit hole that is the internet, I would have never witnessed his stunning work.

Edward Theodor Compton, A View of Mount Sassolungo, 1914
Edward Theodor Compton, A View of Mount Sassolungo, 1914

It's a shame for such talented artists to go unnoticed. Especially when there's so much to learn from them.

In an effort to shine the light on the lesser-known masters, I created the "Exploring the Masters" email series. Each week, you'll receive an email about a new master artist, with key details, links to their work, and any other helpful resources.

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