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How I Travel With Wet Paintings


(​This follows from my previous email: Traveling and Painting.)

A few readers asked how I go about traveling with wet paintings.

That’s a good question, as oil paint can take a few days to dry to touch.

I only recently started using Guerrilla Painter boxes. These things have made painting on location much easier.

I have two 6×8 boxes that can each hold four small boards back to back. The boxes and the studies from my recent Hamilton Island trip are pictured below:

Hamilton Island Studies, Carry Box, 2
Hamilton Island Studies, Carry Box

The rest of my painting travel kit includes:

– New Wave pochade box (without the brush holder as I only use palette knives for this kit).

– Ampersand gessoboards. A sturdy alternative to canvas.

– 2 palette knives.

– Paper towel.

– Oil paints (limited palette).

That’s it. Less is certainly more when it comes to a painting travel kit.

You can find links to the above on my supplies page.​

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Happy painting!

Dan Scott

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