Frank Frazetta on Design, Creativity, and What It Means to Be an Artist

I stumbled across an old video you might find interesting. It’s an interview with Frank Frazetta, one of the all-time greats of illustration and fantasy art. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of these genres or even Frazetta’s work in general, but there’s always something to learn from those who have achieved mastery. Frazetta was also a mentor of Jeff Watts, who I take drawing instruction from at his atelier.

Anyway, ​you can watch the video here​:

Advice from a Master: Frank Frazetta

My favorite part is at the end of the video where he describes his thoughts on creativity and what it means to be an artist:

“Originality, creativity, that’s it. Look it up in a dictionary, the definition of an artist is a creative person who is totally honest and original. Bingo. If you want to appear to be an artist, you want to convince me that you’re an artist, I don’t care how detailed it is, I don’t care whether it’s less than perfect. If it’s original, it comes from the heart, and makes a statement that appeals to people like me emotionally, I just love you to death. That’s my recommendation.”

Enjoy the video! If you want to learn more, start with my ​Painting Academy​ course.

Dan Scott

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