Daniel Garber’s September Morning

Let’s take a closer look at this stunning landscape painting by Daniel Garber titled September Morning. I love Garber’s work. He had a unique, peaceful style. This one caught my eye the other day with its crisp colors, rolling hills, and brilliant yellow sky. (If you enjoy learning about beautiful art and master artists, you … Read more

Nicolai Fechin’s Landscapes

Nicolai Fechin was primarily a portrait painter, but he also painted some stunning landscapes. I curated a gallery of them below for your inspiration. As you look through these paintings, notice the wide range of techniques—the thick, impasto strokes, the bursts of color, the texture, the intricate details, the broken and soft edges, the broken … Read more

Elena Salnikova’s Colorful Portraits

Today’s featured artist is Elena Salnikova. She paints stunning portraits in oil, usually with the subject outdoors amongst nature. Her still lifes are also impressive. You can see a few of my favorites below. They are colorful and playful, but not so much that they appear cartoonish and overly stylized. Her style also seems particularly suited … Read more

Exploring Vincent van Gogh’s Techniques and Processes

Most people characterize Vincent van Gogh’s work for its bold, swirling strokes. But he was much more dynamic than just that. I have spent the last few weeks looking over his entire portfolio, including over 800 paintings, to get a feel for how he painted and his preferred techniques and processes. Here are my findings. … Read more

A Closer Look At Shearing the Rams by Tom Roberts

“Paint what you love, and love what you paint” Tom Roberts Let’s take a closer look at the iconic Australian painting, Sheering the Rams by Tom Roberts. When I think of outback Australia, this painting comes to mind. I’ll cover: Dimensions: 48.2 x 72.1 inches (122.4 × 183.3 cm) Year Created: 1890 Medium: Oil on … Read more

Anna by Swedish Painter Bruno Liljefors

For your inspiration today: Anna by Swedish painter Bruno Liljefors. (Click here to download a high-resolution photo of the painting.) What I love most about this painting is the interesting mix of realism and loose, painterly brushwork. Liljefors painted the subject (Anna) with fine rendering and clarity whilst the rest of the painting is more … Read more

La Chula by María Sorolla

I came across this stunning painting the other day titled La Chula by María Sorolla: At first glance, I assumed it was by THE Sorolla. But turns out it was by one of his daughters, María. I went down a few rabbit holes regarding her life and work, but I’ll save that for another day. … Read more

Clarice Beckett: Melbourne’s Quiet Observer

“To give a sincere and truthful representation of a portion of the beauty of Nature, and to show the charm of light and shade, which I try to give forth in correct tones so as to give as nearly as possible an exact illusion of reality.” Clarice Beckett Today’s featured artist is Clarice Beckett. One … Read more

Ten Top Portrait Artists on Instagram

Portrait painting is having a major revival. These days contemporary artists are reinventing this genre to bring forth autobiographical, gender, race, and identity issues. Next to its market success, the popularity of the genre is evidenced in the huge following portrait artists have on Instagram. In this post, I share who are ten of the … Read more

Top 20 Animal Artists From the Renaissance to the 20th Century

From the earliest times, artists have created vivid images of animals as a means of manifesting beliefs, theories, and social interactions. Starting in the Renaissance, artists began studying the anatomy of animals and included them in the backgrounds of their paintings. However, the specialty of animal painting developed until the 17th century when daily life … Read more