Landscape Painting Masterclass (Join the Waitlist)

Ivan Shishkin, The Tops of the Pines, 1890
Ivan Shishkin, The Tops of the Pines, 1890

Landscape Painting Masterclass is an online course designed to provide you with all the tools needed to paint stunning landscapes. It includes six comprehensive modules, two full landscape painting demonstrations, a 30-minute painting challenge with a limited palette (perfect for those of you wanting to loosen up your style), theory discussion, practical exercises, ebooks, checklists, email guidance, and much more.

You will receive a comprehensive learning experience that covers theory, application, and practice.

The theory will help you learn what goes on behind each stroke of the brush and why you should and shouldn’t do certain things. This is all about knowing what to say.

The application will teach you how to translate the theory onto the canvas. You will learn how to use your brush like an extension of your arm and how to communicate your ideas onto the canvas. This is all about knowing how to say it.

The practice will consolidate your learning and help you make decisions instinctively. You will learn exercises that feel challenging and exciting, but not impossible. This is all about expressing what you want to say with clarity and precision.

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