New Zealand, Stroll in the Park


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Key Takeaways: 

  • Painted almost only with palette knives. I wanted the colors to appear crisp and distinct.
  • Notice the subtle color variance within strokes.
  • Much of this painting is about capturing the illusion of detail. How do I capture the appearance of leaves, branches, rocks, highlights, and shadows without painting every single detail?
  • The sky has three types of blue: ultramarine at the top, cobalt in the middle, and cerulean at the bottom.
  • My strokes follow the general contours and planes.


Finished Painting

Dan Scott, New Zealand, Stroll in the Park, 2021, 1200H
Dan Scott, New Zealand, Stroll in the Park, 2021

Reference Photo

Dan Scott, Reference Phoot, New Zealand, Stroll in the Park, 2021

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