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You're invited to join a merry group of artists who learn, improve, and enjoy the art life together.

I've been running Draw Paint Academy for several years now and most of what I put out is completely free. But for those of you who want more help, I invite you to join DPA Inner Circle.

This is a paid membership group that has closer access to me and a wealth of membership perks, such as:

  • A chance to have your work critiqued each month.
  • A monthly training report covering specific art topics.
  • Monthly Q&A.
  • An exclusive painting breakdown and artist spotlight each month.
  • Access to my entire ebook collection (50+ ebooks and growing).
  • Access to my personal reference photo library.
  • An archive of previous email newsletters.
  • Member-only email newsletter editions.
  • Regular painting challenges and giveaways.
  • Exclusive discounts on other courses.

I envisage this as being a merry group of artists who improve, learn, and enjoy what we do. The art life can be a lonely and isolated road, but it doesn’t need to be!

Your Paintings Will Improve, And You'll Have More Fun Doing It

Of course, a key aim of this membership is to help you create better paintings. But, it's also about helping you appreciate and enjoy the art life. After all, what's the point in getting good if you don't enjoy the journey?

Dan Scott, Wellington Point, Shimmering Light, 2021
Dan Scott, Wellington Point, Shimmering Light, 2021

Avoid Information Overload

This is NOT about bombarding you with information. This is more about cutting through the noise and providing you with distilled, interesting, and valuable information.

Think of Me as Your Personal Art Connoisseur

The world is full of amazing artists, stories, and ideas. The problem is finding them amongst all the gimmicks, art speak, and attention-seeking headlines.

You can think of me as your personal art connoisseur, tasked with hunting down the most interesting and valuable bits of information to share with you. This takes time and is driven by passion, so you won't find this kind of information elsewhere.

Claude Monet, Grand Canal, 1908
Claude Monet, Grand Canal, 1908

Always Have Something to Paint

As a member, you'll have access to my personal reference photo library (1,500+ photos and counting). You can paint from these photos without all the copyright worries. You will also get access to a sub-library that contains only my personal favorites.

Get Off the Painting Hamster Wheel

Many aspiring artists get stuck on the painting hamster wheel. They churn out painting after painting and hope to improve. This works in the early years, but there comes an inevitable stagnation. And once that happens, it's not long before a downward spiral sets in.

This membership will help you work more strategically. I want to help you create a virtuous cycle of progress, recognition, and satisfaction. Painting is much more fun if you can look back over the years and see visible improvements.


Join Me on a Lifelong Journey at the Easel

I'll consider myself lucky if I can spend the rest of my life painting. This membership is an invitation to join me at the easel, along with many other artists on the same journey. Together we can share our passion, the mistakes we make, the solutions we develop, and those rare but profound "a-ha" moments.

Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Path to the Sea, 2021
Dan Scott, Gold Coast, Path to the Sea, 2021

Over 650 (and counting) aspiring artists from around the world are members today! Here's what some of them have to say:

"After traveling nearly non-stop since joining the Inner Circle I have finally had a chance to take a test drive.  Aside from all the great information you have shared, I love the uncomplicated format.  This is ideal for me since I have only been painting for 18 months, taking it up in retirement, and enjoying it immensely. I look forward to learning a lot from the Inner Circle and submitting a painting of my own for critique. I think the critique and Q&A sections may become two of my favorites.  I can gain knowledge from every critique you offer and every question you answer." Allan Snay

"Dan, Hello, I am just starting to go through the contents of your extraordinary email to us this morning. And I have to "stop right here" and express my gratitude to you. I'm an elder of 80 years with a mix of instruction experiences. AND I have to say that your generosity in teaching us is nonpareil. I hope you are impressed that I found that word to describe my experience of your teaching. Thank you, Dan." Sara Carter


I am very much enjoying being a part of the Inner circle group.  The critiques are especially enlightening and it is a pleasure to see other participants’ work.  I have been painting with acrylics for about four years and recently I have decided to embark on painting with oils so I am not quite ready to submit anything for critique yet but hopefully soon. I located several articles that you had put together regarding Tips on Oil Painting and find them useful. 

Thank you." Penny Perrier

My Guarantee to You

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. There's no minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time.

You are also covered by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on your membership fee. If for any reason you do not find the membership helpful, you can email us at and we will refund you in full.

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The cost of membership is $99USD per year. With this special offer, you will also get access to my Composition Breakdown course (usually $97USD). 

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Hope to see you on board!

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