Seashore with Boats

John Sell Cotman

Let's take a look at Seashore with Boats by John Sell Cotman. I'll cover:

Rafael Troya, The Cotopaxi, 1845–1920

Key Details

Name: Seashore with Boats

Artist: John Sell Cotman

Year Created: 1808

Dimensions: 16.1 × 11.1 Inches

Medium: Oil on Board

Main Colors

Below are the main colors used in the painting. Copy the hex code for use in Photoshop or other editing software.



(You can check the color palette of paintings using this tool by Adobe.)


Here's the painting in grayscale so you can clearly see the different values (lights and shadows):

John Sell Cotman, Seashore with Boats, 1808 (Greyscale)

(Use this free image tool to apply a grid and grayscale to photos of your paintings.)


Below is a notan of the painting created using Photoshop. This is the most basic design of lights and darks. It often reveals subtle value patterns that are easy to miss in the full-color image.

John Sell Cotman Corot, Seashore with Boats, 1808 (Notan)

Rule of Thirds

Below is the painting with a grid over the top so we can analyze it in terms of the rule of thirds. The grid lines and intersections are considered aesthetically pleasing areas.

John Sell Cotman, Seashore with Boats, 1808 (Law of Thirds)

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