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7 Days to Better Paintings (Free Email Series)

2020 Dan Scott Paintings

So you want to take up painting? Great! It's a remarkably fulfilling and challenging journey.

Unfortunately, most aspiring artists quit before the going gets good. Which is a shame, as the world could always use more artists.

I started painting as a child. Stopped for a few years whilst I pursued a career in accounting. Started again in my early 20s, and haven’t looked back.

I’ve learned things, made mistakes, ruined a lot of canvas, and even painted a few I like. I wrote this simple email series to share some of the things I’ve learned so far and to help you avoid some of the same mistakes I've made.

This is for absolute beginner to intermediate painters, but all aspiring artists are welcome to join. It's free of charge. All I ask is some of your time to read and digest each lesson.

Below is a lesson summary:

Lesson 1: Mental Roadblocks and Misconceptions
Lesson 2: The Core Pillars
Lesson 3: Are You Making These Painting Mistakes?
Lesson 4: How to "See" Like an Artist
Lesson 5: The “Infallible Truths” of Painting
Lesson 6: Simplification
Lesson 7: Bringing It All Together

If interested, please fill out the simple form below. I’ll then send you the first lesson to your inbox.

Happy painting!

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