Exploring the Masters – Episode 5

Here’s episode 5 of my Exploring the Masters series.

Kieron Williamson (you might know him as "Mini Monet")

Williamson was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age. He had sellout shows before the age of 10 and has made millions from his art.

His story spread like wildfire about 10 years ago. I remember all the articles that circulated the media. “Mini Monet” they called him. It was a clever marketing campaign, but there was substance behind it. Williamson was creating remarkable art for his age.

He sprung into my mind the other day and I followed up on how he’s doing. He’s 18 now and still pursuing the artist life. Though it seems the mystique surrounding him has subsided. “Mini Monet” is no longer mini. This is perhaps to the benefit of his work and progression as an artist, as I imagine it’s hard to progress, try new things, and make mistakes when the whole world is watching.

Having such success as a child can so often be a double-edged sword. It yields extraordinary short-term results, but it rarely lasts. So it’s pleasing to see the passion still strong in Williamson. I’ll be continuing to watch his story play out. Perhaps I'll do another update in 10 years.

You can see his work here.

Kind regards

Dan Scott


PS. Funnily enough, the media has a new “Mini-Monet”. I found this article as I was doing my research.