Exploring the Masters – Episode 4

Here’s episode 4 of my Exploring the Masters series.

Peter Fiore

I remember first coming across his work from this short time-lapse video and its accompanying classical music. A relaxing watch at the very least.

His tree paintings in particular are stunning, with luscious colors and brushwork (see these paintings). It’s no easy task to use so much color without it coming across as garish. It often comes down to skilful use and understanding of color temperature and value.

He often paints the same subject over and over again under varying conditions to gain a deeper understanding of color and their relationships. Much like Claude Monet did with water lilies, the Waterloo Bridge, and the Rouen Cathedral. Keeping the subject constant makes it easier to see how color works and changes. See Fiore's “pine variations”.

These two interviews provide insight into his work, life, and philosophy:

Savvy Painter - Peter Fiore

Peter Fiore Life and Art: Interviewed by Chris Libertino 2015

Here are some extracts from the Savvy Painter interview (mind my paraphrasing):

“The best thing about painting is the next painting. It’s going to be the best painting. Because if it wasn’t that way, you wouldn’t pick up a brush again. If you fell in love with a painting so much that you're afraid to paint again, what is the point of that."

“No one needs another painting. You have to make a person want a painting.”

"The studio is an environment. It's a palace. It's yours. It should be what you make it to be... Being comfortable in the studio is paramount to making great stuff."

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Happy painting!

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