Stunning Color Contrast by George Henry

George Henry (1858-1943) was a talented Scottish painter who attended the Glasgow School. His paintings demonstrate rich colors and strong contrasting elements. My favorite painting by far is River Landscape By Moonlight. This is a perfect demonstration of how you can paint the illusion of light. As you are probably aware, we are not able to duplicate … Read more

Bold Impressionist Artworks by Tom Thomson

I recently stumbled across a remarkable artist named Tom Thomson (August 5, 1877 – July 8, 1917). He was a Canadian artist whose work influenced a group of landscape painters known as the Group of Seven. Thomson passed away before the Group was officially formed, however he is sometimes incorrectly included in the Group. Thomson started drawing and … Read more

A Demonstration Of How To Use Color By Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam (October 17, 1859 – August 27, 1935) was a brilliant American painter who had a unique impressionist style. In particular, the way he used color is inspirational. Few artists have the ability to push such rich and vivid colors without the painting appearing jarring or overdone. Hassam was a busy artist, producing over 3,000 … Read more

Inspiring Seascapes by Frederick Judd Waugh

Frederick Judd Waugh (1861 – 1940) was a leading American artist known for his beautiful seascape paintings. He was the son of painter Samuel Waugh and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Interestingly, he was a camouflage artist for the U.S. Navy during World War I. His seascape paintings are incredibly realistic, without being … Read more

Atmospheric Landscapes by Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill (September 11, 1829 – June 30, 1908) was a brilliant American artist known for his atmospheric landscape paintings. Most of his landscape paintings feature the Yosemite Valley and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Hill was associated with the Hudson River School, which refers to a group of painters who painted large scale … Read more

Stunning Portraits by the Italian Master, Giovanni Boldini

Giovanni Boldini (December 31, 1842 – July 11, 1931) was a masterful Italian painter who is known mostly for his stunning and elegant portraits. He painted with a beautifully fluid style and amazing use of color to render form in his paintings. In fact, a Time magazine referred to him as the “Master of Swish” in … Read more

Beautiful Atmospheric Paintings by George Inness

George Inness (1825 – 1894) was one of the top American landscape painters known for his ability to depict atmosphere, mood and emotion through his paintings. His paintings are very unique and few artists seem to have been able to produce some atmospheric displays. He was a figurehead of what is known as the tonalist movement. The … Read more

Beautiful Flower Artworks by Claire Basler

I stumbled across the stunning artworks of Claire Basler the other day on Pinterest. She is French floral painter who works just outside of Paris in a former schoolhouse which she converted into a beautiful studio. Throughout her enchanting art studio are stunning floral arrangements from which she draws inspiration for her artworks. You can find … Read more

Artist Spotlight – Carol Marine of Daily Paint Works

I am very pleased to have Carol Marine joining me today. Carol is accomplished in many areas of the art world. She is the writer of the best selling book Daily Painting, co-founder of an online art marketplace, a successful fine artist and teacher. Thanks for Joining Me Carol. Could You Briefly Introduce Yourself for … Read more