Steve Huston’s Figure Drawing for Artists

I recently finished Steve Huston’s Figure Drawing for Artists. A recommended read, if only to see Huston’s beautiful drawings. Huston is one of those artists who is not only talented with brush and pencil but also inspirational in his passion and philosophy on art and life. Below are just a few takeaways from the book: … Read more

Photoshop for Traditional Artists

Photoshop is a remarkable tool that can complement the work of traditional artists. I don’t claim to be a Photoshop expert, but I use it on an almost daily basis to help me explore compositions, identify colors, and alter reference photos, and so on. In this post, I will run through some of the ways … Read more

What Is Cheating in Art?

I get a number of questions from readers asking if “X” is considered cheating in art. My answer is usually the same across the board – nothing is really cheating as long as it helps you create what you want to create and that your integrity remains intact. Below are some of the questions and … Read more

You Don’t Need to Go to Art School

Back during the old master times, if you wanted to become an artist it was expected that you attend a prestigious art school or atelier so you could learn from the best in person. Outside of this, one would struggle to develop as an artist due to a lack of available information. Times have changed … Read more

Using Google Arts & Culture To See The Master Paintings Up Close

Google Arts & Culture (formerly Google Art Project) is an online initiative that provides public access to extremely high-resolution photos of artworks and cultural objects. The initiative has partnered with many museums to provide intimate access to some of the most famous paintings in history. Below are some of my favorite master paintings up close. The first … Read more

Artist Paint Brushes – The Ultimate Guide

Your paintbrush should feel like an extension of your arm. But, all the different kinds of artist brushes which are available can sometimes only add confusion to the painting process, rather than making it easier. In this post, I discuss the different kinds of artist paint brushes that are available for you to use. Anatomy … Read more

10 Useful Painting Accessories

It is no secret that painting is hard! So here are some painting accessories to make your painting journey just a bit easier. These accessories are not essential by any means, but you may find them useful depending on how you like to paint. If you use any other painting accessories which are not included … Read more

A Giant List of Useful Art Websites

Here is a giant list of useful art links which you may find useful. If you know of any other art websites that should be on the list, feel free to let me know. Art Publications & Media Websites Bored Panda – A popular website which features weird, unusual and fun art posts. You can submit … Read more

The Best Colored Pencils – A Detailed Review for Artists

Colored pencils are a fantastic medium – they are easy to use, the cleanup time is minimal and you get exposure to the wonderful world of color. But with so many great brands of colored pencils available, it can be confusing to determine which colored pencils you should go with. In this post, I will … Read more

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Artists

Let’s go through some awesome gift ideas for your artistic friends… or just for yourself! Areaware Brush Vase This is the perfect gift for any painter friends. It will hold pens, flowers or even…. paintbrushes. Artist Survival Kit in Brush Basin The perfect gift for someone who is struggling to keep their paintbrushes in great … Read more