Jeremy Mann on Tools, Materials, and Rollers

I came across a ​2020 interview​ with one of my favorite living artists, Jeremy Mann. He shared the following wise words regarding materials (edited to remove some profanity): “It matters not the materials that one uses, it matters that the artist creates marks and paintings using the materials, which produce those marks, which speak to … Read more

More Complex Than Meets the Eye

Here’s a new painting fresh off the easel: Fallen Trees and Striking Contrast: I painted from the photo below. This was a hidden parkland that I stumbled across with my daughter. It may look like a simple landscape, but there’s actually a lot going on, particularly around the water. Let’s zoom in on the water … Read more

Flashback: Devil’s Kitchen and My Early Impressionist Days

I don’t have much new work to share with you lately as I have been busy finishing up the Sunsets and Sunrises Workshop (it’s nearly there). In the meantime, here’s a flashback to one of my earlier paintings: Devil’s Kitchen. I painted this over a decade ago when I was teaching myself how to paint … Read more

New Zealand’s Colors

Hi there! I’m currently in New Zealand with Chontele. We are having a very late honeymoon while my brother and his fiancee look after our little one. While it’s not a work trip, I can’t help but take a few sneaky reference photos. Every trip here fills up my inspiration hub for years. There’s just … Read more

Don’t Iron Out All Your Bad Habits, Kinks, and Quirks

In yesterday’s email, I listed a few of my bad habits and tendencies that you should probably avoid. (If you missed it, you can read it ​here​.) I wanted to follow up and say that not all bad habits, kinks, and quirks in your technique and processes need to be ironed out. To some extent, … Read more

When NOT to Follow My Lead

I have been fairly open about what I’m working on and my process for over nine or so years. Part of this is for my own self-improvement, and part of it is to help you on your journey. Whilst there are some things I do okay, there are many things I do where you should … Read more

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Many of my paintings are based on quite simple subjects. My latest one, for example, is really just a still pond with a few trees, clouds, and a crisp blue sky. But simple doesn’t always mean easy. Sometimes you need to work even harder to make simple subjects work. Your technique and execution must be … Read more

Thinking Fast

After spending so long on the Elora painting, I wanted to change things up and paint something fast and with instinct. Here’s what I ended up with: Fraser Island, Analogous Colors.  I painted this within a day over two sessions. All up, it was about 2.5 hours of painting time. For reference, it’s 18 by … Read more

Deep Work

I spent the first two months of this year working on just one painting, Elora With Christmas Lights (shown below). During this time, I shunned most of my day-to-day tasks. I ignored social media. I hardly published any new emails, articles, or videos. I didn’t draw or work on other paintings. I basically locked myself … Read more

Finally Done: Elora With Christmas Lights

I’m finally done with this new painting: Elora With Christmas Lights. This was a tricky one. I spent most of January and some of February getting it right. There are several different light sources of different colors, intensities, and angles. It was a minefield of optical tricks and illusions. There’s also little room for error … Read more