Art Quotes

The following is a curated list of art quotes from master artists.

“On the terrace, there are little figures of people drinking. A huge yellow lantern lights the terrace, the façade, the pavement, and even projects light over the cobblestones of the street, which takes on a violet-pink tinge. The gables of the houses on a street that leads away under the blue sky studded with stars are dark blue or violet, with a green tree.”

– Vincent van Gogh describing the subject of Café Terrace at Night

A Closer Look at Vincent van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night

“I’ve sold through galleries and shows since 2001, but I’ve had the most success after opening my own gallery in 2011. It gives me the ability to interact with customers (something artists don’t often get to do when showing through other galleries). I also have my easel in the back room of the gallery so I can paint there on-site, and show whatever paintings I want in the front room. I of course have to divide my time between painting and gallery business, but the trade-off has been well worth it. I also send a monthly (or so) email newsletter that allows me to stay directly connected with past, present and future collectors.”

– Dan Schultz on selling art and achieving commercial success

Interview with Master Landscape Painter Dan Schultz